Goodale Associates provides Solicitor Training Workshops to train board members, staff, and volunteers in fund-raising techniques. Solicitor Training Workshops are designed specifically for Development Professionals and Volunteer Leadership. Consisting of a presentation by Toni Goodale and a study of various hypothetical situations, the Solicitor Training Workshop is an indispensable tool for training solicitors in the "art of asking" and developing solicitation strategies. A sample agenda and hypothetical follow: "The Art Of Asking"

10 minutesRefreshments and introductions
60 minutes"The Art of Asking" by Toni K. Goodale, Chairman, Goodale Associates
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Part II: Click here to download mp3...
30 minutesStudy hypothetical situations and prepare solicitation strategies
70 minutesSolicitations and critiques
10 minutesConclusion

Mrs. Fair Lee Older

You are visiting a fellow alumna and a past Board member, Mrs. Fair Lee Older, a 75-year-old widow, who gives faithfully to The Hopeugraduate School's Annual Fund, $100 each year.  She lives alone in her six bedroom apartment on Park Avenue and is considering selling her summer house in Watch Hill because she feels it is too hard for her to oversee the management of two homes.  Her husband, who died in a plane crash 20 years ago, built a significant portfolio of stocks which is still managed by his college classmate, an old friend of the family.  Her son, an only child, is married to a meat packing heiress from Cleveland.  Their daughter, Fawn, is in the tenth grade at Hopeugraduate.

Mrs. Older has said that she no longer feels as close ties to Hopeugraduate as she did when she was on the Board, back in the 50's.  She believes that present Board members should be the principal contributors to the Campaign.  She has been in ill-health and is worrying about future medical expenses.  She, therefore, thinks it is prudent to save her money in case she needs it, and she says that her lawyer agrees with her.  Nevertheless, the Development Office feels that Mrs. Older could give a handsome gift of at least $250,000 to the Campaign. 

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