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Dear Toni,
I am responsible for obtaining corporate grants for my organization. The new Vice President of Development wants me to attend all Staff and Volunteer meetings, including those having to do with solicitation of individuals, planned giving strategies and approaches to foundations. Is this a good idea?
- Ms. Wanda Wot Todo

Dear Ms. Todo,
No. You will end up spending more time on meetings than on fund raising. Your time is better spent focusing on soliciting grants from corporate sponsors. There may be some staff progress meetings you should attend to catch up on what is happening in the overall fund-raising program, but these should be the exception, not the rule. Tell the Vice President to call me!

Dear Toni,
If our goal is $8 million, why do we need a full-fledged capital campaign? Can't we just go to 8 people for $1 million each?
- Mr. Ivan E. Z. Funds

Dear Mr. Funds,
Certainly, it would be great if you were able to raise $8 million from only 8 donors. However, it is unrealistic to think that you will meet your goal by soliciting only 8 people. Usually, in order to raise 8 gifts at the $1 million level, you would have to see at least 24 prospects. You can expect that some people won't give at all and that other gifts will fall somewhere lower on the gift scale than you expected. A broad-based campaign soliciting a large number of prospects is important for maximizing your chances of reaching your goal.

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